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Nimra Amjad is an entrepreneurial Calgarian whose passionate career work has energized leaders and youth in Calgary and around the world. With an educational background in science, and her innovative initiatives, Nimra has the experience and training you need in your CBE Trustee. Nimra is passionate about STEM education.

Listening, researching, advocating, and putting good, evidence-based policy into action drives Nimra to engage with her communities. With more than 15 years of experience mentoring youth, she has designed and conducted science and environmental programs in Calgary schools and in global contexts. From her representation of Canada at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, to her successful non-profit start-up, Nimra brings an innovative, international and fresh perspective to education issues in Calgary.

Nimra brings your voice to the table as a passionate advocate of public education. Strengthening our schools and communities through responsive governance to meet the diverse educational needs and choices of Calgary’s kids and families is a shared priority. Nimra brings the experience and insight you need on your school board to fix systemic issues in:

Responsive governance & advocacy
Entrepreneurial solutions
Fiscal sustainability of educational programs and transportation
Value for diversity in the CBE

With an eye to the future of her own family, Nimra Amjad is seeking your support to be your CBE Trustee in Wards 3 & 4. Nimra sees the public education system and an educated workforce as a "public systems asset", as important as infrastructure or natural resources.

Together, we can build great public education!